As one of the largest importers of Classic JDM Sports Cars, Vans, and SUVs in the United States we receive daily requests for dozens of different models. Here are the Top 5 JDM Cars we Get Requests for in the USA that we can currently import.

1) The R32 Nissan Skyline GTST Type M

Produced from 1989-1993 the R32 GTST has gained quite the reputation amongst enthusiasts in the United States over the last number of years. Powered by the straight 6 RB20DET engine and factory rated for 217hp as stock. This highly capable RWD early 90s icon offers considerable value for money when compared to its big brother the R32 GT-R. At almost half the price of the GT-R, it offers many more people the opportunity to own and drive a piece of Japanese automotive history.

Famous for its aggressive body lines and highly modifiable capabilities. Suitable to daily drive and enjoy in its original form or modify to your heart’s content. In our line of work, we see these sold to clients who have a variety of different plans for their latest purchase. Everything from a show car to enjoy on weekends to a fully caged drift car ready to hit the track.
The R32 GTST has proven to be a great investment over the last number of years. With prices rising at an average rate of 15-20% per year and showing no signs of slowing down. It should come as no surprise that with a dwindling supply in Japan and a steadily increasing demand worldwide that the R32 GTST is a model that will continue to appreciate in value.

Although finding clean examples is becoming more difficult every year we here at JDM Sport Classics are committed to the challenge. Hands down the most popular vehicle we import and the car we get asked about most often. It’s not hard to understand why. A timeless design that never seems dated regardless of age. A car that was never produced or sold domestically in the United States. Lots of fun to drive, right hand drive, rear wheel drive, and turbocharged! What’s not to love?

2) Toyota MR2 GT and MR2 GT-S

Coming in at number two is the Toyota MR2 GT and Toyota MR2 GT-S. The turbocharged SW20 MR2 is a mid engine rear wheel drive sports coupe. Often referred to as “The Baby Ferrari” due to it having several design cues borrowed from Ferrari and its more rounded streamline styling. The GT variant was equipped with a 2 liter 3S-GTE motor paired with a 5 speed manual transmission.

With its top-notch performance, Toyota’s reliability, and Ferrari styling it’s not surprising that the Toyota MR2 is such a popular import. It has developed a cult-like following over here in the United States with a large supportive community that is passionate about this 90s JDM Icon. The MR2 is a car that really captures the imagination every time you drive. The smooth gear shifts, the way it grips the road and the sharp crisp turns feel artistic in motion. A rare well-executed blend of aesthetics and handling. There is a profound joy when driving the MR2. It reawakens the bond between driver and car that so few modern cars have the ability to match. Best of all these are a very budget-friendly option in the classic sports car market.

The Toyota MR2 is really a car for the enthusiast. We see these used as daily drivers, as track cars, and an extremely popular option as an Autocross car. Having imported literally dozens of MR2s we are yet to see a customer dissatisfied with their purchase. A regular feature in our inventory that we aim to import for many years to come. We don’t think there is a single dealership in the USA that are as passionate about the SW20 chassis as we are.

We will continue the discussion about the Top 5 JDM Cars we Get Requests for in the USA at JDM Sport Classics. Stay updated with our blog section to continue…