Is JDM Sport Classics a bonded and licensed dealer?

Yes! We are 100% licensed and bonded dealer located in Three Rivers MI 49093

Are your cars already landed in the USA?

All our inventory cars are landed in the USA and available for immediate purchase, we also have an On Route section showing cars that will be arriving soon.

How soon can I get my vehicle ? Do you offer shipping, or do I have to pick it up?

Both options are possible. You can purchase a car and drive away that day OR you can choose to have it shipped. A lot of out of state customers choose to have their car shipped right to their front doorstep.

Are there any extra fees on top of the listed price?

No! The price advertised is the final price you pay for the vehicle, no hidden fees apply. *Please note your state my charge sales tax*

I’m very interested in purchasing; can I view the vehicle and take a test drive?

Absolutely, we love meeting our customers and fellow enthusiasts. It is advised to make an appointment before arriving to ensure the car is still available for purchase and a member of staff is free to assist you.

Do these cars come with a warranty?

All vehicles are sold as is no expressed or implied warranties.

Do you offer finance?

We work with a number of finance companies who specialize is Japanese Classic imports, please see our finance section for more info. We are always updating our service but at this time are unable to offer in house finance.

How do I register my JDM car?

When you buy from us we hand you a fully transferable Michigan title that you can take to your local DMV to register, it’s the same as if you bought a vehicle from a local auto dealer. We can also provide temporary plates if you would like to drive your car back to your home state.

Can i register a car if I’m from California?

California has specific requirements to be able to register a vehicle that was never EPA certified. The vehicle must be EPA compliant for the year of manufacture and requires a smog test before registration. The process typically costs between $3,000-$9,000. We have sold many cars to Californian residents in the past, and although the process is tedious, it certainly can be done.

Do you take trade INS on a JDM car?

Unfortunately, we don’t take trade-ins as we only deal in our specialty JDM classic RHD vehicles.

Do JDM Sport Classics perform maintenance on cars before sale?

Each car we import receives its own TLC. We fully detail and do routine maintenance on each vehicle before it leaves our showroom.

What cars can be imported to the USA?

Any car that is 25 years old from the month it was manufactured can be imported to the USA.

Can you import cars newer than 25 year old?

The USA has very strict laws regarding cars 25 years and younger, the process to make cars EPA and DoT compliant is expensive and time-consuming, however, if money is a not an option for you we would be happy to help.

I can’t find the car I’m looking for can you help me source it?

We do offer sourcing services on certain vehicles. Please email Cormac at jdmsportclassics@gmail.com
with the vehicle you’re interested in, and we can give you a quote.
We require 20% down to start the process.
Once the vehicle is sourced in Japan, we require an additional 30% within 5 days after it’s been purchased. The remaining 50% is due once it has arrived at our dealership.

I want to purchase a vehicle , how much does it cost to reserve a car?

Any car we have in stock can be secured with $1,500. Once we have the deposit the vehicle will be marked as reserved for 2 weeks. Please note that all deposits are strictly non-refundable.