It can be tricky to decide on which JDM imports you should own right now. There are so many options, all of them with something unique to offer. Maybe you like raw power, or pure speed, or the rugged reliability of a 4×4. Perhaps you’re looking for style and looks over all else. There are also costs to consider, and the potential for your purchase to increase in value.

To help you out, we’ve collected five of our favorite classic Japanese Domestic Market imports you should consider buying today.


Nissan Fairlady Z

1991 Nissan Fairlady Z

If your list of must-haves is simply the words looks and speed, then the Nissan Fairlady Z (also known, simply, as the Z car) might be the one for you. With a V6 engine and a distinctive pointed nose, the Fairlady Z has deservedly gained a devoted following since its release in 1969. Over the series’ production run and under seven different names, the Fairlady Z has sold over two million units worldwide. 

This popularity and sales volume means that it is still quite easy to find reasonably priced and low mileage examples of this stunning sports car.

At JDM Sport Classics we’re big fans of the Fairlady Z, and we’re always happy to unearth another gem to import to the US. Check out our inventory selection here.


Toyota Soarer

1993 Toyota Soarer GT

The Toyota Soarer is a good example of an under-the-radar JDM coupe that can easily act as a daily driver but also has enough power to keep you racing down those country roads. Produced in four generations from 1981 to 2005, the Soarer’s shape developed over the years into a streamlined beauty with a kick under the hood.

The first generation, from 1981-85, featured a straight-six engine ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 liter. From 1986-91, the second generation had turbo-charged options, and the third generation (1991-2000) boasted power up to a 4.0 V8. Clearly, these cars were no slouches.

The Toyota Soarer continues to be popular with a discerning crowd of JDM enthusiasts, and we always try to keep a few in stock.

Check out our Soarer inventory here.


Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

The Nissan Skyline is so famous, so wildly popular, that we probably don’t even have to convince you to buy one. The Skyline is considered by many to be the pinnacle of JDM cars. We even dedicated an entire blog post to the R32 GTR version recently.

But there’s more to the Skyline than just one edition. In fact, due to the 25 year rule governing vehicle imports to the US, every year means another model becomes available.

From its racing pedigree, to its Nurburgring records, to its prominence in movies and video games, the Nissan Skyline is one of our top pick JDM imports you should own right now.

Check out our wide selection of Skylines here.


Toyota Land Cruiser

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

Perhaps you want something a little more beefy in your next JDM car. Something sturdy, something that can stand up to a little off-road action. Then you should definitely consider the Toyota Land Cruiser, one of our most popular 4×4 offerings.

The Land Cruiser is built to last, sporting a gasoline engine option as well as a turbo-diesel alternative not available in its US counterparts. The JDM Land Cruiser is a tough, uncompromising example of Japanese off-road engineering.

Check out or inventory of Toyota Land Cruisers, and get ready to venture where others cannot.


Honda Beat

1991 Honda Beat

You want your JDM car to be fun. You want to enjoy driving it, to look forward to opening the door and climbing in. Well, if you buy a Honda Beat, the tiny convertible kei car produced from 1991-96, then that’s what you’ll get: fun.

With its small size and stripped-down aesthetic, the Beat is a prime example of pure driving enjoyment. Because kei cars are limited to 660cc in displacement, the Beat has just 63hp to play with. However, because of its size and lightness, it makes use of every ounce of power. 

Check out our selection of Honda Beats here (zebra print interior included).