The Subaru WRX Wagon is a fast, all wheel drive sports wagon that can seat five people. A popular choice for people who need a more practical choice for everyday use that has the iconic style and blistering performance of a sports car.

This model comes with many great features automatic climate control, power windows, power mirrors, factory rainguards and options for 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic depending on your preference. The Subaru WRX Wagon also comes standard with the All-Wheel Drive system that has made this vehicle so popular in all weather conditions!

The most notable feature of this car is its very unique design which includes a center hood scoop that gives it both style and power at the same time. When you look at this vehicle you know right away what kind of performance it will provide to those who choose to drive this all wheel drive wagon around town!

Nowadays people prefer not only speed but also comfort when they go out driving their cars. This means that you not only get the best driving experience but also a great looking car.

The Subaru WRX Wagon in our showroom is definitely a strong contender for people who want a perfect blend of form and function! If you are in the market for a new vehicle make sure to stop by JDM Sport Classics and take this one out for a test drive today! This vehicle will definitely provide you and your family with all the comfort that you deserve!

History of Subaru WRX Wagon:

The Subaru WRX was originally introduced in the early 90’s as more of a racing vehicle than anything else. It came with many impressive features including great four-wheel drive capabilities, turbo boost, and sporty design that made it very popular among all kinds of drivers!

For most people though this car is definitely something special since they are able to find an original import version on our website which has been imported from Japan where these types of cars originate from. This means you can get your hands on one of these rare gems whenever you want because we have them for sale right now at JDM Sport Classics!

When looking at some other similar vehicles like Ford Mondeo ST200 or Volkswagen Golf R32 the Subaru WRX Wagon blows these away in terms of value for money, stylish looks and overall handling. When choosing an import vehicle there really is no market in the world like Japan. Japanese imports are almost always lower mileage and in far better condition than any other import market in the world.

In order to remain on the road vehicles in Japan must pass a motor vehicle inspection every 2 years known as “Shaken”. Vehicles that are ten years and older are subject to passing rigourous testing to ensure the roadworthiness and safety are in line with the highest standards. There is no other country in the world than can provide the level of quality and well maintained condition that Japanese imports offer.

If you are looking for something affordable but still offers great performance than the Subaru WRX Wagon might be the car you want to take out for a test drive today. We guarantee it will not disappoint when compared against other similar vehicles on the market right now which means there really has never been a better time to buy your very own wagon!

Why Subaru WRX Wagon is famous?

Has a great design that makes it stand out from other similar vehicles on the market right now.

Provides easy to drive and comfortable options for all kinds of drivers who want a car with high style but also offers decent performance capabilities .

Affordable price tag compared against similar types of cars available in our showroom! We have limited number of these models here at JDM Sport Classics because they are imported directly from Japan where this type of vehicle originated from! This means you can get your hands on an original import model which is something most people don’t ever find when looking around town or online for their next upgrade! Click here to learn more about this model right now!

How to Import Subaru WRX Wagon in the USA:

Each vehicle needs to be imported in the United States through a Registered Importer. You can contact us if you want to import something unique! Otherwise, we have some unique machines in our inventory as well!

We source each of our vehicles directly from Japan through our trusted suppliers. We use a combination of Japanese auctions, private sellers, dealers and car shows to accumulate our inventory. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected prior to purchase.

With each sale we provide a clean Michigan title which is transferable to all 50 states. In addition we provide all of the necessary import, export and customs paperwork which includes the original and translated export certificate, EPA and DOT exemption forms, customs stamped entry summary form 7501, certificate of origin and a bill of sale.

Our job is to take the mystery out of the import process for our clients. We provide freshly imported, state titled and federally legal to own and drive Japanese Domestic Market vehicles. Our showroom is based in Three Rivers Michigan however we can arrange shipping nationwide, straight to your front door.