It may have happened before; you pulled up next to a car at a traffic light and are surprised to see that there is no one sitting in the driver’s seat. When you look closely, you realize that even though left-hand drive cars are standard in the US, the driver is sitting on the car’s right side. This may also be something you have seen at car shows and meets. Iconic sports cars from Japan with the steering wheel on the opposite side.
It raises various questions, such as “can we purchase right-hand drive cars in the USA?”
“Are these federally legal to drive on roads and highways?”
“Where can I purchase one from?”
“How difficult is it to learn how to drive on the opposite side?”
“Insurance and Finance Options”

Is driving an RHD car legal in the USA?

The short answer is YES; it’s legal; you can drive an RHD vehicle in all 50 states.

The postal service is a great example. Delivering mail would be quite the challenge without access to right-hand drive vehicles. Of course, we import and sell RHD vehicles for a variety of different uses. Many of our SUV’s such as the 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser is used for off-roading, recreation, and daily driving purposes. The iconic styling and low mileage is a huge part of why these are so sought after. Finding well-maintained left hand drive examples at reasonable prices is next to impossible. Since Japan has such high standards for vehicle maintenance, the demand for these vehicles in the United States is very high.

Like any other imported vehicle, Japanese Domestic Market vehicles must comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as written in the EPA regulation, NHTSA regulation, and proper registration. However, the vehicles that we specialize in at JDM Sport Classics are 25 years and older and exempt from EPA/DOT regulations, meaning they do not have to comply with safety and emissions standards. This is also known as “The 25 year rule”. You will notice every single vehicle we import is at least 25 years old to the year and month of registration in Japan. We provide EPA/DOT waivers with every sale to ensure our customers have a simple and straightforward registration process.

Right Hand Drive Cars for Sale in the USA – The easiest way to Purchase

The easiest way to purchase is to visit our website

We provide a selection of premium quality Japanese imported vehicles that have already been titled and are ready to own and drive, whether it be an iconic sports car that you have waited 25 long years to own, an adventure van for your next camper conversion, or something quirky and unique like a mini truck we have everything available and in stock.

Learning to Drive a Right Hand Drive Car

The learning curve is not as steep as you might initially think. Essentially the only difference is that the steering wheel is on the opposite side and that you will be shifting with your left hand as opposed to your right hand. The shift pattern for changing gears is the exact same as a left hand drive vehicle. The pedal configuration of the clutch, brake, and accelerator is also exactly the same. Most of our clients become comfortable with driving within the first test drive, and many claim it to be as normal as driving their standard car within two weeks of ownership.

Insurance and Finance for an RHD Vehicle

Having imported and sold over 500 Japanese Domestic Market imports, we know a thing or two about insuring and financing an RHD vehicle. For insurance, we recommend State Farm and Hagerty. We also recommend obtaining an “Agreed value policy”. This ensures that your vehicle is covered for the correct value that it’s worth.

We work with multiple lenders that can finance your dream import vehicle. Simply click this link select the lender you wish to work with, and fill out the application online. Financing a JDM import has never been easier, and with such great rates on offer, you might be surprised how affordable owning your dream car really is. We hope now you are able to get Right Hand Drive Cars for Sale in the USA  easily.

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