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Toyota Century V12 1998

  • stock # 1847

4 speed automatic

99,127 verified miles

5.0L 1GZ-FE V12

Gray leather interior


DataSystem Air Ride Suspension Controller

Color Code 202 (Black Onyx)

Our latest arrival, the Toyota Century, has long been considered the gold standard for luxury in Japan. This Century features a multitude of options that many automakers today have yet to implement. With each Century made to order, only just under 10,000 have been produced in its 20 years of production. Due to each Century being hand crafted by a team of 43 highly skilled craftsmen with only 2% of the process being automated.

The Century has been described in many ways, all mentioning its incredible attention to detail all around. It has been long since considered the “Rolls Royce” of Japan due to its aura of prestige and sophistication, catering to discerning individuals who demand nothing but the best. The exterior embodies traditional Japanese aesthetics while incorporating subtle modern touches. Its commanding presence on the road is defined by clean lines, graceful curves, and a sense of proportion that speaks to its status as a flagship luxury sedan. It was thoroughly examined and designed to provide smooth driving and quiet operation, and fitted with Air Ride Suspension to further enhance ride quality.

At its heart lies a formidable V12 engine, meticulously crafted to deliver seamless power and unparalleled smoothness. The design of this V12 offers a near perfect balance in operation, yet plenty of HP and Torque to effortlessly climb to freeway speeds or smoothly cruise the city streets. The Toyota Century was the only car in Japan to be offered with a V12 engine. Designed for executives that would be driven daily, the 1GZ-FE offers exceptional longevity and durability ensuring effortless operation for its owners.

Moving to the inside of the vehicle is where the luxury stands out with clarity. This Century features grey leather seats wrapped in Lace Covers throughout, with wood grain and brushed aluminum accents. From the drivers seat, many controls are located within arms reach, such as the door panel that features all 4 power window switches, front heated seat controls, power seatbelt height control, and power door lock switch. The power window adjustment switch, power folding mirror button, dashboard dimming switch, and electronic trunk and fuel door releases are located at the drivers right knee panel, near the ignition. The digital dash features the odometer and trip button, trip reset switch, and function scroll button on the right, with clock adjustment buttons on the left for the built in clock. The dash also features a built in external temperature gauge. The large steering wheel has the handcrafted emblem proudly displayed, with controls for the center display and power tilt and telescoping switch on its left. Behind the steering wheel to the left, you can find the control for the power rear curtains that open and close with the click of the button. The digital climate control screens light up when the key is inserted and can be controlled individually for the driver, passenger, and rear seats. Both the front seats have full power adjustability and lumbar located on the sides of the seats, however the passengers seat can also be controlled from the center console by the driver. These lace covered leather seats are also shock absorbing, to make the ride even smoother. The rear view mirror features auto dimming for lights, and has the sun visor that closes the gap between the ceiling and the mirror. The 4 speed transmission does have ECTS Power and Snow mode, with the switch located next to the shifter. The OEM Toyota Multi CD Player is located in the glove box, along with the original manuals and service records.

In the rear of the vehicle, the passenger cabin is laden with features as well, such as heated and massaging seats that have power recline, lumber, height, and headrest height. The rear doors and trunk have soft close functionality and pull themselves shut behind the passengers. A Century badge found on the leather cover can be opened to reveal a small TV screen, with remote and phone. This TV is connected to the VHS player below for the passengers viewing pleasure. In the rear center console, you can find the rear seat adjustment switches, audio and climate control switches, as well as Century branded earphones and a Century/Dolby tape player/recorder. The front passenger seat features a foldable backing that can lay down for the rear passenger to stretch out their legs, while the drivers front seat features a foldout tray on its back. Both sides of the rear have fold down vanity mirrors with lights, and a ceiling mounted clock. Another piece of attention to detail is the 4 brushed aluminum door sill plates that are located at all doors.

Without a doubt, the Toyota Century was years ahead of its time. From its laundry list of features, to its advanced suspension systems and its 5.0L V12 engine, it stands out as a testament to Toyota’s dedication to producing the highest quality vehicles.

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Number of cylinders 12
Drive layout RWD
Type Automatic
Displacement 4 Speed
Body Sedan
Mileage 99127mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 5.0L 1GZ-FE V12
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD
Exterior Color Black Onyx Metallic (202)
Interior Color Grey