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Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo 1997

  • stock # 1672

4 speed automatic

90,841 verified miles



2+2 seating


Color Code KL0 (Platinum Silver Metallic)

This 2+2 Twin Turbo Nissan Fairlady Z is a new arrival to our inventory. This Z32 is a legitimate show stopper. It has all the style and flair of the late 90s time period and is a wonderful example of what these cars were like form factory. It’s not difficult to imagine this Z32 rolling up to a car show or meet and completely stealing the show. This is definitely a car that will turn heads everywhere it goes and for good reason. A stock example like this is getting harder to come by, coupled with the OEM KL0 Platinum Silver Metallic, this Z truly is a unicorn find.

This Z32 is the 4 seater (2+2) featuring T Tops which is one of the most desirable options in the Z32 chassis. The KL0 (Platinum Silver Metallic) paint is in good shape considering its age and has a great shine when you get it into the sunlight. The interior of this vehicle is in pristine condition, featuring stock cloth seats with no signs of wear or ripping.

The Z32 made it’s introduction in 1989 and played a huge part in helping Nissan roll in an entire new era of sports cars that dominated in motorsport  and captured the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide. The Z32 twin turbo is one of the most under rated Japanese sports car from this era. The VG30DETT is very well built from the factory and produces just shy of 300hp as stock from factory and capable of so much more.

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Number of cylinders 6
Drive layout RWD
Type Automatic
Displacement 4 Speed
Body Coupe
Mileage 90841mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 3.0L VG30DETT
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD
Exterior Color KL0 Platinum Silver Metallic
Interior Color Gray