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Honda Orthia 4WD 1997

  • stock # 1709

4 speed auto

2.0L B20B engine

56,624 verified miles


Color Code NH538 (Frost White)

The Honda Orthia is a compact sports wagon that is equipped with 4WD capability. This versatile vehicle provides reliable and efficient performance for daily driving or light off-road adventures. The 4WD system offers improved traction and stability on a variety of surfaces, making it a great choice for drivers who need a vehicle that can handle varying road conditions. With its compact size and superior handling the Honda Orthia offers a nimble and maneuverable driving experience, while still offering ample interior space and cargo capacity.

This example differs from examples we’ve imported in the past quite a bit, featuring a slightly larger motor and 4WD. The B20B is an incredible motor that is among the most coveted of Honda motors for enthusiasts, this is due to this it’s time tested reliability and it’s ability to produce high horsepower relative to it’s displacement. Paired to a 4 speed automatic transmission, this would make a great daily driver, year round. The exterior Frost White paint is in excellent condition and still shines brightly in the sun. The interior shows no signs of visible wear such as trim warping or cracking, or any fabric stains or tears. You can really see that the previous owner cared diligently for this car, and with only 56,624 verified miles, this is a real gem.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and capable daily driver, or maybe something that you want to build up to have an AWD Honda build, this Orthia is ready for anything.

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Number of cylinders 4
Drive layout 4WD
Type Automatic
Displacement 4 Speed
Body Sport Wagon
Mileage 56624mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 2.0L B20B
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD
Exterior Color Frost White
Interior Color Gray