Honda Integra Type R DB8 1996

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5 speed manual

121,000 verified miles


Color Code NH-0 (Championship White)


The DB8 Integra Type R is a quintessential 90s JDM legend that set the standard for all fast Hondas that came after it. Despite years of success as an engine supplier to Formula 1 with drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell claiming titles with Honda powered race cars the brand was still struggling to be recognized as a legitimate performance manufacturer. The introduction of the Db8 and DC2 changed this forever. The Type R injected passion into Honda’s engineers and the most stringent standards were maintained to ensure perfection. Honda was limited to building 25 a day because of details like the hand-polished intake ports. The careful assembly and focus on quality over quantity produced one of the most iconic Hondas the world had ever seen. Still sought after to this day, the top tier handling, silky smooth 5 speed manual transmission and hand built B18C VTEC engine make for an exhilarating driving experience.

The DB8 was sold only in Japan and with only 5135 units ever produced this is about as rare as it gets for mid 90s JDM sedans. Although mechanically the same as the DC2 the DB8 is rarer and more practical option for most people. Widely regarded as one of the greatest handling FWD cars of all time this is a must have for Honda enthusiasts seeking the holy grail of Honda sedans.

This DB8 is finished in the stunning Championship White (NH-0), has just 121,000 verified miles and is a mostly stock example. For fans of Honda performance this is a car that is just begging to be driven. Freshly imported and ready to hit the streets today.

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Number of cylinders 4
Drive layout FWD
Type Manual
Displacement 5 Speed
Body Sedan
Mileage 121000mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 1.8L B18C
Transmission Manual
Drive FWD
Exterior Color Championship White
Interior Color Gray