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Honda Beat 1991

  • stock # 1735

5 speed manual

94,823 Verified Miles

656cc E07A MTREC

Short Throw Shifter

MOMO Steering Wheel

Type R Style Shift Knob


The Honda Beat is a compact and stylish roadster that captures the essence of fun and agility. Produced by Honda from 1991 to 1996, the Beat was primarily designed for the Japanese domestic market as a kei car, a category of small vehicles with specific size and engine displacement limitations.

With its distinctive retro inspired design, the Honda Beat stands out on the road even today. It features a sleek and curvaceous body, characterized by smooth lines and a low slung profile. The compact dimensions of the car, measuring just 135 inches long and 55 inches wide, contribute to its nimble handling and maneuverability, making it a joy to navigate through crowded city streets and winding roads.

Under the rear engine cover lies a mid mounted 660cc three cylinder engine, delivering peppy performance despite its small displacement. This lively powerplant produces around 63 horsepower and is paired with a five speed manual transmission, allowing drivers to extract the most out of the Beat’s capabilities. The lightweight construction of the car, weighing approximately 1,675 pounds, further enhances its spirited acceleration and responsive handling.

The open top configuration of the Honda Beat adds an element of excitement to the driving experience. The manually retractable soft top can be easily folded back, allowing occupants to enjoy the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces. The interior of the Beat is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, featuring a driver focused cockpit with well placed controls and supportive seats that provide comfort and stability during spirited driving.

While the Honda Beat may lack certain luxuries and amenities found in larger, more modern sports cars, it compensates with its pure driving pleasure and charming character. The car’s lightweight nature and agile dynamics contribute to its superb handling, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an engaging and enjoyable driving experience.

Overall, the Honda Beat encapsulates the spirit of a bygone era of compact sports cars. Its unique design, peppy performance, and open top driving experience make it a sought after collector’s item and a beloved choice for enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of style, performance, and driving enjoyment in a small package.

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Number of cylinders 3
Drive layout RWD
Type Manual
Displacement 5 Speed
Body Coupe
Mileage 94823mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 660cc E07A
Transmission Manual
Drive RWD
Exterior Color Silver Metallic
Interior Color Gray