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Nissan Skyline GT-R 1989

  • stock # 1800

5 speed manual


52,892 verified miles


Full Tomei Exhaust

BeeR Manifolds and Downpipe

ARC Front Mount Intercooler

Aftermarket Caster Arms

HKS Turbos

G7 Panasport Wheels

HKS Intake Pods

GReddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit

GReddy Oil Cooler

GReddy Fuel Rail

Denso 700cc Injectors

268/268 Duration, 10.0 Lift Camshafts

Adjustable Camshaft Gears

Cusco Brake Master Brace

HKS Electronic Valve Controller

GReddy Exhaust Temperature Gauge

GReddy Boost Pressure Gauge

Omoni Water Temperature Gauge

Omoni Oil Temperature Gauge

Omoni Oil Pressure Gauge

Personal Steering Wheel

Nitto Tires

Color Code KH2 (Gun Grey Metallic)

Nissan’s GT-R is easily one of the most sought after sports cars from the Automotive Golden Era. This example, affectionately known as the R32, or “Godzilla”, is an automotive masterpiece that left an unforgettable mark on the high- performance sports car landscape.

At the heart of the BNR32 is the formidable RB26DETT engine. This 2.6 liter twin turbocharged inline six powerhouse not only delivers impressive power figures but also showcases Nissan’s engineering prowess. This Skyline in particular has a number of performance upgrades such as a full Tomei Exhaust, BeeR Downpipe, ARC Front Mount Intercooler, HKS Turbos, HKS Intake Pods, Denso 700cc Injectors, GReddy Fuel Rail, Upgraded Camshafts, GReddy Oil Filter Relocation kit, GReddy Oil Cooler, and an HKS Electronic Valve Controller.

The drivetrain of the R32 Skyline GT-R was equally groundbreaking. Designed specifically for this model was the ATTESA E-TS Pro system, an advanced all wheel drive setup that distributes power intelligently between the front and rear wheels, maximizing traction and stability. Additionally added to this example were aftermarket caster arms, a Cusco Brake Master Brace, and a set of aftermarket Coilovers that give this GT-R an optimal driving experience.

The exterior design of the R32 GT-R is a testament to both form and function. Wider Front Fenders, Wider Rear Tire Arches,  iconic quad round taillights and an aggressive front fascia were fitted to the GT-R specifically, not only contributed to the car’s visual appeal but also played a crucial role in aerodynamic efficiency. Fitted with a set of G7 Panasport 2 Piece Wheels wrapped with a sporty Nitto tire, finished in the fan favorite KH2 Gun Grey Metallic color code, this GT-R truly looks the part and commands attention wherever it goes. The interior is in overall good condition, however we would like to make mention of the presence of the infamous R32 dash bubble, a few drill holes in the dash, and a sun worn spot on the passengers front seat. Interior modifications include the addition of a Personal Steering Wheel, GReddy Exhaust Temperature and Boost Gauges, and Omoni Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, and Oil Pressure Gauges. Features include electronically adjustable and retractable mirrors, power windows, window lock, and digital climate control.

The RB26DETT fires to life every time with the twist of the key and is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission that shifts smoothly through all gears. As part of our service, we have installed New Mass Air Flow Sensors, New Front and Rear Brake Rotors and Pads, New Timing Kit, New Tension Rods, New Subframe Bushings, New Transmission Bushings, New Starter, New Fuel Pump, New Exhaust Gaskets, New Water Temperature Sensor, a Set of 4 New Tires, New 12V Battery, Oil and Filter Change, and New Spark Plugs.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R remains a highly sought after collector’s item and a symbol of Nissan’s commitment to performance excellence. Its influence is still felt in the subsequent generations of GT-R models, making the R32 a timeless classic that continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts worldwide. If you’re in the market for a turnkey R32 GT-R with just 52,892 verified miles, this is the one for you.

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Number of cylinders 6
Drive layout AWD
Type Manual
Displacement 5 Speed
Body Coupe
Mileage 52892mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 2.6L RB26DETT
Transmission Manual
Drive AWD
Exterior Color Gun Metal Grey Metallic
Interior Color Grey