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#1 Best JDM Imports In Kentucky

Are you Looking For JDM Imports in Kentucky?

Maybe you grew up watching the JDM Imports In KentuckyWorld Rally Championship and fell head over heels for the Toyota Celica GT-Four WRC, or saw Paul Walker street racing a Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R in 2 Fast 2 Furious; either way, the love for Japanese domestic market sports cars runs deep. At JDM Sport Classics we understand that love—it’s why we started importing Japanese cars—and will do everything we can to help you track down and purchase your dream Japanese classic sports car.

The Best JDM Imports In Kentucky

JDM Sport Classics specializes in the identification, import, and sale of premium Japanese Domestic Market cars, trucks and vans. Located in Three Rivers, Michigan, but serving the continental United States, JDM focuses on finding the best quality, lowest mileage retro Japanese sports cars and bringing them to the US. We hunt them down using our extensive list of contacts all over Japan, check them to ensure they meet our exacting standards, and arrange all the details to import them to the United States and deliver them to your door.

Japanese Domestic Market, or JDM, refers to cars built and sold only in Japan—we find these cars, ensure their reliability, and import them legally so you too can enjoy these retro, customized, RHD cars. Some of the classic cars we offer include Subaru Impreza WRX, Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX7, Nissan GTR, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi GTO, Mazda Eunos Roadster, Nissan Pulsar, Honda NSX, Toyota Celica GT4, and many more.

Our JDM Vehilcels Are Built With High Standards

If you’ve ever bought a Honda or Toyota in Kentucky, you know these cars are famous for their reliability and lifespan. JDM cars were built exclusively for the Japanese market, meaning they had to adhere to strict build quality regulations and pass multiple inspections. This means that the cars imported and sold by JDM Sport Classics will not only be exciting, beautiful, and fun to drive, they’ll also be safe and, importantly, reliable for years to come.

JDM Sport Classics employs a network of experts from all over Japan to source and purchase our cars, ensuring full transparency and efficiency in the authentication and shipping process. Our experts have a deep knowledge of the local market, and the contacts needed to seek out the rarest and most interesting examples of JDM sports cars. In addition, the company founders have many years of experience importing JDM cars to Europe and New Zealand, so you can rest assured that your dream car will be handled with care and integrity.

We Love Our JDM Imports

At JDM Sport Classics, we truly love the cars we import. From the classic Subaru Impreza of World Rally Championship fame, to the street racing cars built by Nissan and Honda, we grew up worshipping the craftsmanship, speed and looks of Japanese sports cars. JDM Sport Classics takes great pride in sourcing the finest examples of classic Japanese performance racing and daily driver cars—and if you’re looking for cars with modifications like body kits, tuned engines with extra horsepower, cambered wheels, or carbon fiber additions, we can find and import them.

We adhere to the strictest standards in importing, ensuring our cars are 100% federally legal and completely dependable. We take pride in finding the rarest, highest quality examples of street legal RHD manual transmission Japanese cars and vans, complete with all required paperwork. Our experience in this industry allows us to find the best value and provide you with the lowest prices possible, while respecting the 25 year rule for our Japanese sports car imports.

Every JDM Vehicle Meets Quality Standards and Regulations

All our cars comply with the 25 year rule for the import of foreign vehicles. Once a car reaches that age, it becomes exempt from specific regulations from the NHTSA, EPA, FHTSA and DOT. Federal law prohibits the import or sale of cars less than 25 years old to the United States, so we endeavor to find the finest examples of classic Japanese domestic market autos from 1994 and earlier. If you are looking for a specific make or model, be it a Nissan Sunny or Toyota Celsior, we can help you track it down. JDM Sport Classics specializes in selecting and importing low mileage, rare, hard-to-find and limited edition Japanese cars from 1994 and earlier, with and without modifications.

Our JDM Cars Location

Our car dealership and warehouse storage in Three Rivers, Michigan, is open to visit and test drive our wide selection of legally imported JDM sports cars. Take a ride, feel the turbocharged engine beneath the immaculate exterior and enjoy the tuned manual gearbox as you cruise down Michigan country roads. You will love our comprehensive variety of all kinds of Japanese sports cars and daily drivers, as well as 4WD off-road trucks and hot hatchbacks.

We Will Track Down Any JDM Vehicle For You

Additionally, we can work with you to put together a wishlist of the type of vehicle you are looking for, be it a classic street racing car with a customized supercharged engine or a cute Honda Civic hatchback with low mileage, and look all over Japan to find the car of your dreams.

Whether you want a turbocharged, manual transmission, right-hand drive, custom performance classic sports car, or you want a retro Japanese daily driver, JDM Sport Classics has you covered. We also source rugged AWD off roaders like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero, cute daily drivers such as the Toyota Aristo or the Honda Civic Hatch, and vans like the Honda Acty or the Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix. Or if you want something with more power, imagine yourself stepping out of a classic customized Subaru Impreza WRX, or a 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo MkIV from The Fast And The Furious. New cars become available all the time, increasing our inventory of retro and classic JDM options.

Get in touch today—your classic imported Japanese Domestic Market sports car might already be at our dealership!

We can deliver your JDM Import anywhere in Kentucky including the following cities.

    • Louisville
    • Lexington-Fayette
    • Bowling Green
    • Owensboro
    • Covington
    • Richmond
    • Hopkinsville
    • Florence
    • Georgetown
    • Elizabethtown

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