Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix 1995

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4 speed automatic

multi option transfer case (2wd high range and 4wd high and low range)

Center-locking differential

82,000 verified miles

2.8L 4M40 (Turbo Diesel)

Selectable 4WD

High roof

Patterned Chamonix Fabric Upholstery

Ice cold A/C

Color Code T88/H81  (Dark Blue Pearl/Silver Metallic)

The Chamonix got it’s name from a ski area in France. As a result this Delica is equipped for use during harsh, cold winter weather and was marketed toward skiers. The Chamonix came with thick, waterproof, Chamonix-branded carpets, a standard limited-slip rear differential, dual batteries and a more robust alternator to help ensure reliability in low temperatures. The Chamonix was also available with the high-roof option, but not the Crystal Lite roof. Instead of skylights, Chamonix models came with added roof insulation to keep things warm inside given their intended use in cold mountain environments.

The blue Chamonix branded upholstery includes all three rows of seating.  The upholstery was made to be very rugged and resistant to wear when compared to the lower trim models in the L400 range. The Chamonix trim extends to the carpeting, second-row seats, and fold-down third row seats. The middle row seats will swivel 90 and 180 degrees, making these ideal for road trips with multiple passengers. Equipped with seating for 8 passengers the third row seats can also be folded down or stowed away depending if you want more cargo room or plan to sleep in your van.

Featuring OEM rain guards, OEM Chamonix decals, OEM side steps, OEM Chamonix upholstery, high roof, power windows, power mirrors, power window lock,  factory bull bar, factory fog lights, column shifter, adjustable steering wheel, full sized spare conveniently housed under the rear of the van and a multi option transfer case 2H (high-range RWD), 4H (high-range full-time 4WD), 4HLc (high range 4WD with locked center differential) and 4LLc (low-range 4WD with locked center differential). Another advantage of this second generation system is that it gave the driver the ability to switch between two-wheel drive and full-time four-wheel drive at speeds up to 80 km/h.

The L400 saw noticeable improvements over the prior generation. The 4M40 which replaced the 4D56 offers more power while still being very frugal on fuel. The new body style is far more aerodynamic, making the L400 a smoother drive for long road trips and daily driving. The high ground clearance is one of the key features why we love the Mitsubishi Delica and with the redesign for the L400 this prominent feature was maintained.  It improves visibility while driving and ensures ample clearance room when crawling through rough terrain. The L400 also featured a multi option transfer case which can be accessed while driving and even offers a low gear.

The exterior of this van is certainly one of the focal points. Featuring the iconic Chamonix decals and the 90s two tone styling Mitsubishi was so well known for at the time. It’s really not hard to see how this could draw stares wherever it goes due to it’s uniqueness and the quirkiness of it’s design. The interior however is the most unique part of this van. The seats are without rips or tears and the dash has no cracks. The only thing to note is some stains in the carpet which is pretty standard considering it’s age.

Perhaps the perfect adventure van with the best trim, the L400 Chamonix is a desirable blend of form and function. It can handle the harshest of conditions and looks great doing it. The utility of the L400 has never been in doubt. Anyone who has owned one understands they can be used in many different settings. Whether you are in search of a quirky daily commuter, an off road focused van that can handle trails or a durable adventure van to travel around to ski resorts in this Chamonix has got you covered.

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Number of cylinders 4
Drive layout 4WD
Type Automatic
Displacement 3 Speed
Body High Roof Van
Mileage 82000mi
Fuel type Diesel
Engine 2.8l 4M40
Transmission Automatic
Drive 4WD