Honda Acty Street Racoon 1995

  • stock # 1385

5 speed manual

660cc E07A

39,343 verified miles


The Honda Acty Street minivan has become a popular choice. It’s fuel efficient, has ample cargo space for deliveries and it’s small size makes it easy to park in tight spaces. The Acty van was designed to be an economical, agile, and efficient work vehicle. At only 127″ long and 55″ wide this compact cargo carrier can squeeze just about anywhere. Now that they’re available in the U.S. they’re finding many uses for both commercial and private use. This specific Kei van has just 39,343 original miles and can get up to 50 miles per gallon making it just about the most economical vehicle you can purchase for work or recreation.

Since the Acty was primarily designed for functionality the interior is where it really shines. Loading and unloading is exceptionally easy. With the full rear hatch opening completely parallel with the roof loading up cargo is a so easy. And with two full size sliding side doors passengers can easily get in and out. The sliding door also can be rolled down for better air flow in the rear of the van. Another benefit of the Acty van compared to the Acty truck is the tachometer. The Tachometer is not available in the mini truck model but comes as standard in the van. In addition this Acty has power steering and cold a/c making the driving experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Behind the front passengers the Acty has lots to offer. For those times when you don’t need the back seats they can be folded completely flat giving you 6 feet of usable space. This is part of the reason why the Acty is so popular as a delivery vehicle and for camping. Like most 26 year old vans this Acty does have some dings, scratches and paint imperfections. Nothing out of the ordinary for a vehicle of it’s age and certainly these kei vans are more commonly used for utilitarian purposes.

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Number of cylinders 3
Drive layout RWD
Type Manual
Displacement 5 Speed
Body Kei Van
Mileage 39343mi
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 660cc E07A
Transmission Manual
Drive RWD
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Gray